THE SWEX Academy

THE SWEX Academy offers you knowledge in the field of single malt whisky and investing in this category of alternative investments. We offer webinars through THE SWEX academy for novice investors in Scotch single malt whisky.

The Whisky Market Explained | Part 01 | THE SWEX Academy

Investing in whisky. Something you might have heard about but is it something for you?

Four Drivers of Value Growth | Part 02 | THE SWEX Academy

The value of whisky is increasing but do you know why? There are four main drivers for this growth. We will tell you all about them in this video.

Whisky as an Alternative Investment | Part 03 | THE SWEX Academy

Investing in a 25-year-old Scotch single malt whisky can be interesting. But is such an investment something for you?

THE SWEX platform | Part 04 | THE SWEX Academy

THE SWEX is the first online trading platform where you as an investor can trade in whisky yourself.

Investing in Bottles & Casks | Part 05 | THE SWEX Academy

You can either invest in whisky in bottles or in casks. At THE SWEX, it is possible to trade in physical bottles of whisky and bottles that have not yet been bottled.

Your Personal Investment Plan | Part 06 | THE SWEX Academy

How you invest in whisky depends on your personal financial situation and goals.

THE SWEX explained in 90 seconds | Tutorial 01 | THE SWEX Academy

Now you have a basic idea of THE SWEX.